Consumer Law

  • legal counsel on credit and other consumer contracts
  • representation in consumer disputes, including ones for protection against the use of unfair clauses
  • representation and assistance in out-of-court settlement negotiations
  • representation before the Consumer Protection Commission, the Data Protection Commission and other public bodies
  • legal counsel and litigation relating to unfair commercial practices
  • class action preparation and representation
  • legal counsel and litigation relating to pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage claims

Data Protection Law

  • GDPR compliance gap analysis
  • compliance with the new regulatory data protection requirements and document drafting (GDPR)
  • ongoing legal advice on the new General Data Protection Regulation requirements
  • retainer service and continuous updating pursuant to current data protection legislation amendments and developments
  • seminar / webinar staff training on GDPR requirements
  • legal counsel, assistance and representation in case of personal data theft or abuse
  • representation before the Data Protection Commission and in the interaction between data subjects and controllers
  • courtroom representation in damage claim disputes and audit appeals

Banking and Finance

  • representation in disputes with banks
  • representation and assistance in out-of-court settlement negotiations
  • legal defense in enforcement and execution proceedings
  • legal counsel on all types of bank transactions and loan collaterals – mortgage, pledge, guarantorship
  • legal counsel and support relating to debt restructuring, renegotiation and refinancing
  • legal advice and representation in property, life and risk insurance matters
  • counseling and representation in disputes with banks relating to unauthorized payment operations
  • counseling and representation in leasing contract matters
  • document drafting, including standard form contracts and General Terms and Conditions
  • identifying unfair clauses in standard form contracts and General Terms and Conditions
  • equitable estoppel claims

Commercial Law

  • ongoing corporate legal service
  • legal counsel on all types of commercial transactions
  • general Terms and Conditions and contract template drafting
  • identifying unfair clauses in standard form contracts and General Terms and Conditions
  • legal representation in commercial lawsuits

Company Law

  • company, branch office and non-profit legal entity formation, registration and recorded status updates
  • legal assistance with licensing procedures
  • corporate transformations and acquisitions
  • due diligence for acquisitions, shareholder control, current or other types of assessment
  • counseling and representation in insolvency and liquidation proceedings

Administrative Law

  • counseling on Bulgarian tax legislation regarding corporate and personal income taxation, VAT taxation, withholding taxes, local taxes and fees, relief from double taxation, etc.
  • representation before the Bulgarian tax authorities
  • courtroom representation in disputes with the tax administration, tax audit appeals
  • damage claim disputes against the State and municipalities
  • assistance in damage procedures for slow justice

Property Law

  • legal advice, representation and negotiations relating to personal property and real estate transactions – purchase, donation, voluntary partition of jointly owned property
  • legal advice and assistance in funding real estate transactions
  • verification of property ownership and encumbrances
  • due diligence and legal advice regarding the acquisition and sales of land, residential and office sites and buildings
  • drafting and legal counsel on preliminary and final contracts
  • legal counsel, negotiations and drafting of rental contracts for commercial, residential or resort facilities
  • legal advice relating to property management and maintenance contracts
  • representation in negotiations and court disputes regarding real estate and rent relations
  • representation in notary proceedings

Migration Law and Citizenship

  • legal advice and assistance in applying for a visa
  • legal advice and assistance in applying for temporary, long-term or permanent residence on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • legal advice and assistance in the process of acquiring Bulgarian citizenship

How We Work

  • Zornitsa Sotirova
    For more than two decades now, it has been our goal and privilege to help organizations keep track of the novelties in the regulatory environment. We at TBS Consulting have been hosting a series of GDPR seminars and workshops and we are glad that, apart from loyal partners, Dessislava Dimitrova and Anna Georgieva, attorneys-at-law at the Ad Hoc Law Office, proved to be truly insightful and exciting lecturers that many of our clients return to hear again.
    Zornitsa Sotirova
    TBS Consulting
  • Hristo Borisov
    What an unexpected outcome of my franc loan case! Luck sides with the strong and my strength is you – enlighteners and pioneers of unwavering passion and commitment!
    Hristo Borisov
  • Tsvetomila Naydenova
    Ad Hoc is the luxury of being certain your case is in the best of hands. After an NRA tax audit, I found myself with an erroneous penalty for corporate tax and VAT underpayment. Our chances in court were precarious, but, given my previous experience with their law office, I knew I was at the right place with the right people – with their determination, empathy and human touch.
    Tsvetomila Naydenova
    Manager of Milado Audit
  • Maria Kutreva-Williamson
    Thanks to you, I won a lawsuit against a bank! Your patient explanations, perfectly tailored to my level of incomprehension, gave me hope and peace of mind. Courageous, knowledgeable, capable… you are just awesome! I felt your personal attention all along, and genuine human concern for the client is so rare to come across!
    Maria Kutreva-Williamson
  • Alexander Chalakov & Ivan Chalakov
    We are presently engaged in a dispute with a bank over loan interest overcharges. A remarkable lawyer and a superbly versed litigator, attorney Dimitrova has got a humblingly vast experience and a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Whatever the outcome of our lawsuit, as colleagues we can see she’s doing even the impossible to defend our interests.
    Alexander Chalakov & Ivan Chalakov
  • Martin Stefanov
    I was extremely lucky to find Ad Hoc. Thank you for everything! You are the living proof that people of morals and integrity are still around. The world needs more of your kind!
    Martin Stefanov
  • Tsvetelin Zolev
    I have been a client of the law firm since 2012. We’ve filed four lawsuits for unfair terms in bank loan contracts and I’m impressed by the attention, patience and detailed explanations I’ve been getting all along in spite of the team’s heavy workload. Perfectly trained colleagues!
    Tsvetelin Zolev
  • Mariana & Dimitar Dimitrovi
    The Swiss franc soared and our monthly installment of 750 lev skyrocketed to 1200. Ridden with despair, our group of victims found Ad Hoc on the internet. They warned us upfront that it was a complex issue and there were no guarantees, but thanks to Dessie’s heart of gold and nerves of steel we did eventually win our case.
    Mariana & Dimitar Dimitrovi
  • Ilian Petkov
    The notary was really amused by the extraordinary terms we’d made the bank concede. Thank you for the expert help in these negotiations. Without your assistance I would still be stuck in that franc mortgage trap.
    Ilian Petkov
  • Anna Manova
    Dessie, thank you for the way you handled our case and the negotiations. These lawsuits are usually associated with stress and anguish and all types of negative emotions, but you did turn ours into a pleasant experience. We wish you many more thrilling victories!
    Anna Manova
  • Valeria Dinkova
    Mine was a complicated mortgage loan case that I entrusted Ad Hoc and Dessie Dimitrova with at a time when such a lawsuit was considered a bold experiment. They rose up to the challenge, however. It’s a pleasure to witness the vigor and dash of a team who is truly on your side.
    Valeria Dinkova
  • Marin Kunev
    Resourceful, analytical and invariably accurate in their prognoses, Ad Hoc surely surpass all expectations. They maintain a spirit of partnership and loyalty to the client. I was looking for a good lawyer but what I found was a priceless ally in my dispute with the bank.
    Marin Kunev
    CEO, Grafixoft
  • Svilen & Tsvetelina Ivanovi
    Ms. Dimitrova is a noble-hearted and down-to-earth person with an amazing capacity for compassion. It was a tough time for us, but the decent treatment we were receiving all along helped us stand our ground and win.
    Svilen & Tsvetelina Ivanovi
  • Svetlana Nikolova
    What a relief – thanks to you, we reached a settlement! You are champions! I’m so happy you became a part of my life. I can’t even begin to describe my profound gratitude and appreciation for what you’ve done.
    Svetlana Nikolova
  • Evgenia Asparuhova
    My case turned out to be a complex of lawsuits. Ad Hoc are thorough and well-organized and, with them, I always know what is happening and what comes next. I never expected a lawyer could take my problem so much to heart and somewhere along all those shared emotions I ended up with a new friend.
    Evgenia Asparuhova
  • Alexander Raychev
    I had a Euro loan denominated in Swiss francs, but the bank violated both our contract and the law. An article I read pointed me to the Ad Hoc team. They didn’t promise miracles, but only hard work. And indeed, energetic and responsive, they work with flair, zeal and devotion, without ever forgetting it is actual human lives that are at stake.
    Alexander Raychev